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The Exhibiting Opportunity

Exhibitors are at the heart of everything we do at Harmony Expositions. In today's competitive marketplace, affordable and effective marketing vehicles are very hard to come by for businesses wanting to reach a specific market. We bring our Exhibitors face to face with their target market, allowing them the opportunity to educate an entire workforce and introduce their particular service and/or product offerings. According to many studies, 60% of our waking time is spent in the workplace, so, what better place to educate employees on health and wellness?

Harmony Expositions strives to offer the best in health and wellness education to the employee groups that host our events. We work very closely with each individual host organization to develop a good understanding of their employee audience: the demographics of their group, the benefits structure of the organization, the work ethic, and the culture and conditions. By developing a clear understanding of what the host organization envisions for their Health and Wellness Expo, we compile a target list of vendor categories. We then extend an invitation to our Variety of Exhibitors to participate, based upon the match with the host organization’s stated interests. This allows our Exhibitors to examine the criteria of the host organization, and to participate in an event that is attended by their target market.

Some of Our Exhibitors



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